Soldier's Salute

There is a man who does not hunt for money,
He does not crave the superficial facades--that call to most,
He is an elite soldier, a man with boundless heart,
And he resonates with the deeper sound of his country.
He will volunteer without a falter,
To do battle with or without its call.
He reaches not for himself, but for global strangers.
So their stifled cries can breathe freedom one day.

His blood is on the walls he tears down,
His spirit lives on throughout eternity
Bringing about a better world--within each generation.
And if in the line of duty,
An engraved mark becomes his destiny,
Then give his resting place a salute.
For he was a hero, a visionary legend,
--And you have been honored to be on his holy ground.

©2008 Colleen Hitchcock, Minneapolis, MN

Soldier’s Salute
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Soldier’s Prayer
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Soldier's Prayer
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Soldier's Prayer
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Soldier's Salute
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